Herts Ability wants YOU to share YOUR memories!

Herts Ability’s David & Brett getting the most out of life on the ‘Stort Daybreak’ accessible canal boat

Herts Ability have teamed up with the University of Hertfordshire for an innovative project for 2020 – and we need your help! We’re looking for great stories of how people with a disability are getting the best out of life!

Here’s how you can contribute…

The university’s trained oral history interview team is recording the stories of those with a disability. The team wishes to preserve in the University archive a series of wide-ranging pictures of what it means to live with disability in 2020: from practical day-to-day problems, to society’s attitudes and any stigmas faced.

Here’s why it’s a trustworthy project…

The project will be authorised by the University of Hertfordshire ethical committee, which ensures that appropriate procedures are carried out.
Also, the University team is led by research fellow Andrew Green, who has more than three decades of experience as a BBC presenter and producer. Over the last 12 years he has overseen lots of successful projects, based on a wide variety of subjects; from de Havilland aircraft manufacture and Waitrose wine-buying to Watford FC’s community/education work and an award-winning study of retirement!

Want to take part? 

Great! Please email: sean.lawrence@hertsability.org.uk or call us on 01707 324 581

Next steps…

Once you’ve expressed an interest, you will then be provided with an information sheet about the project, plus a consent form. If you are happy with what you read, arrangements will be made for your interview. It can take place at Herts Ability HQ or at another location of your choosing. There is no problem if you wish a person of your choice to be present at the interview. 

Just one member of the oral history team will be involved in carrying out the interview. The recording will be made on very simple and unobtrusive, yet high quality, equipment.

The interview will be archived and made available to researchers on the University of Hertfordshire’s ‘Heritage Hub’ website. It could be used in broadcasts, in publications or in lectures/workshops at the university.

We’d love for you to take part in this innovative project and share YOUR memories! Feel free to email sean.lawrence@hadnet.org.uk or call 01707 324 581 for more information.

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