Congratulations to Anthony Morris who has just been passed fit to drive!

HAD’s continued growth comes from customer recommendations and our high approval rating from past and present customers are testament to this! Thanks to Anthony Morris for his kind words after recently being passed fit to drive! Congratulations Anthony!

Anthony soon after passing his assessment, with his thoughts on his experience

“I first heard about HAD when DVLA sent me a list of Driving Assessment Centres and I chose the centre at Welwyn Garden City as it was the most convenient location for me. 

Naturally I was quite anxious on the day of my assessment for driving an adapted vehicle with hand controls, but I felt reassured when the process was fully explained by the assessors.

Fortunately, the assessment went as well I could have wished but I did have a huge sense of relief and achievement when I was told I had passed! In the weeks leading up to the assessment I had a number of driving lessons in an adapted vehicle.

Having driven since I was 17 using foot pedals, this was a completely new experience for me and was much trickier than I had expected. However, my instructor was very patient and gave me so much good advice about driving generally. 

I think any driver, whether learning to drive with adaptations, or continuing to use foot controls could benefit from some lessons as over the years driving conditions change and it is easy to fall into bad habits.

During any journey unpredictable situations can happen but the important thing for any driver is to be able to cope as safely as possible with different road conditions. 

When my medical condition made walking difficult and I gave up driving I realised how much my life depended on being able to get around. It is also very easy to lose one’s independence and confidence and become socially isolated.

Learning to drive again has increased my confidence and given me a new lease of life despite the challenges.

I would say to anyone considering vehicle adaptations to give it a go! My sincere thanks go to everyone at HAD for their patience and professionalism and I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

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