Barrowford Fireside Chair

£450.00 inc. VAT

Barrowford Fireside Chair

A classic fireside chair, fully upholstered and supplied with the option of wings and infills. Customers can specify wood finish (lightwood or mahogany). Also available is a matching two seater settee and static or adjustable footstool and with a 2″ or 4″ seat cushion, in soft or firm options.

The Barrowford offers a variety of styles which can be made with or without side infills and/or wings. A ‘Royal’ or ‘Lateral’ Back Barrowford is also available.

Available in small (17″ seat height), medium (19″ seat height) & large (20″ seat height)
Starting from £375 Ex VAT (£450 Inc VAT)

*This product is available without VAT at 20% for those eligible for VAT relief.
Anyone who is chronically sick or has a disabling condition will qualify for VAT relief if they are buying items to help them, or if they are bought on behalf of someone with a qualifying condition.*

Back Style                                                                    Fabric

STATIC Backrest                                Standard     Waterproof   Leather

S/M/L with no wings/no sides            £375-00 Ex  £465-00 Ex  £760-00 Ex

S/M/L with infilled sides OR wings     £435-00 Ex   £525-00 Ex  £820-00 Ex

S/M/L with sides AND wings              £489-00 Ex   £579-00 Ex  £874-00 Ex

ROYAL Backrest                                 Standard

S/M/L with no wings or sides             £420-00 Ex

S/M/L with infilled sides OR wings     £450-00 Ex

S/M/L with sides AND wings              £550-00 Ex

Accessory                                                                Fabrics

                                                          Standard    Waterproof    Leather

Arm Covers                                        £45-00 Ex   £65-00 Ex       £90-00 Ex

Head Cover or Pillow                         £45-00  Ex  £65-00 Ex       £90-00 Ex

Fabric Protection                                £88-20 Ex

Increase/reduce seat width                £50-00 Ex

*Please note, there is no extra charge for an increase in backrest height or seat depth up to 2″*

£450.00 inc. VAT


  • 6/10 motor massage
  • Adjustable footstool
  • Arm knuckles
  • Fabric protection
  • Head cover
  • Head pillow
  • Heat only
  • Pressure seating
  • Static 2/3 seater settee
  • Static footstool


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