Legacy Donations

Including HAD in your will

HAD provides products, driving lessons and assessments and advice to disabled people and their relatives in and around Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

Formed in the late 1950’s in St Albans, HAD moved to is present Woodside Centre location in 1998 and has been expanding ever sice.

However, the continued existence of HAD, particularly the day-to-day running of the organisation, depends on the support and generosity of a variety of establishments and individuals.

By supporting HAD you will help Hertfordshire’s diabled people in a variery of ways. For instance, your donation could…

  • Help replenish and maintain our driving school fleet
  • Expand our Equipment Centre – we want to recruit more staff
  • Improve our facilities

A legacy to HAD will create a permanent partnership enabling benefactors and the organisation to work together to improve disabled people’s lives

Smaller sums are also possible and they can be included in the ‘Benefactor’s Fund’. And most helpful are ‘unearmarked’ gifts which never become obsolete and enable the organisation to respond to needs as they arrive.

You can find our more about helping UK charities by visiting http://www.remembercharity.org.uk or you can call us on 01707 324581 and we can send you a leaflet that explains everything.

How to include HAD in your will

Once you have decided to support HAD, choose what kind of gift is appropriate:

a: a specific sum of money
b: a proportion of your estate
c: specific items of value
d: the ‘residue’ of your estate – what’s left when you have provided for family and friends, liabilities, legal costs, funeral expenses and tax
e: the whole of your estate after payment of the outgoings listed above
f: your estate, after the death of your spouse. This ensures that your husband or wife has security in their lifetime and that afterwards HAD can benefit

For more information

Legacy donations need legal advice, so feel free to speak to Ewart Price Solicitors in Welwyn Garden City on 01707 332383 to answer any questions you may have.

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