Wheelchair hire

You can hire either self-propelled (large rear wheels that the user pushes themselves with) or attendant-propelled (pushed by someone else).

Hire fees are exemptable from VAT when the occupant of the chair is chronically sick or has a disabling condition and has no choice but to use the wheelchair, so our chairs are £3 per day, £5 per weekend and £12 per week. VAT exemption is done at the till by declaring the user’s condition and signing the declaration form. No documented evidence of condition is required for VAT exemption.

If you need to hire short-term due a temporary injury, VAT must be included so the prices would be £3.60 per day, £6 per weekend and £14.40 per week

To arrange a hire wheelchair, call us on 01707 384260 and we will be happy to help

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