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Walking Frames and Rollators at HAD

If you find that your balance is not as good as it used to be and you need something to support you when you walk, you might consider trying a "walking frame".

This includes four wheel walkers (aka rollators) and three wheel walkers (aka tri-walkers) along with the familiar "zimmer type" frames.

We also recommend that you are assessed with the equipment before you purchase. If you are able to get to our centre then we would be pleased to let you try our full range and give you our opinion on what is most suitable to you needs. However, we appreciate this is not always possible. If you are buying one without trying first, please consider the following questions;

Where will the equipment be used?

The standard zimmer type frames are really only any help indoors or over very even ground. If you are using the frame outdoors, please think of the three wheel or four wheel frames. One tip, the bigger and fatter the wheels the rougher the terrain they can cope with!

How good is my balance?

The four wheel frames are more stable than the three wheel frames which, if you lean on one side, are easier to tip over. However, the three wheel frames are more manoeuvrable.

Do I need somewhere to rest when walking?

The four wheel walkers all have an integral seat for resting on. The three wheel and zimmer type do not. The seat heights differ but are fixed on each frame so be careful to choose one which is not too high or too low. Try measuring a seat you have at home to get an idea of the height you can manage.

Will the frame fold easily and will it go into my car?

The zimmer type frames do not fold the others all do to varying amount. The three wheel walkers all fold together quite easily as do some of the four wheel ones. Some of the four wheel ones are, however, much more difficult. Please telephone for advice if you are not sure.

Am I too heavy for the frame?

Please check the user weight limits before purchasing. If in doubt, please telephone for advice.

Can the frame or its handles be adjusted to the right height for me?

All frames and handles are adjustable within certain limits. To measure for the correct height, measure from your wrist to the floor with the elbows slightly bent (about 30 degrees). If the frame is too high it will be difficult for you to support yourself. If it is too low it will cause you to stoop and may cause back pain.

Can I use the brakes?

Four and three wheeled frames have brakes to stop them from running away from you. If you are unable to use them, for any reason, then they are not safe. It is also vital that, if sitting on a four wheeled frame seat, the brakes are locked “on” by pushing them down before sitting.

If in any doubt about any of these or other questions, please telephone for further advice.


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