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Toilet Equipment at HAD

It goes without saying; we all need to use the toilet! The ability to do this independently is vital to maintaining personal dignity. We at HAD have a range of toilet equipment available to help those who have difficulty doing this. These are some of the things to consider;

What is the problem?

It is common for the toilet to be too low to get up from, and indeed onto, comfortably. HAD provides a range of simple raised toilet seats in 2”, 4” and 6” heights to make life easier. These are generally simple to fit and will suit most toilets. They normally require the existing toilet seat and lid to be removed. If “closing” the toilet is important to you then please choose a raised toilet seat with a lid! The padded raised toilet seats will compress and will not raise the seated height in the same way. Whilst they will help to some extent they are designed more for comfort.

How do I know what height seat I need?

In general, it is best to sit on a toilet which is at a height sufficient to leave you knees bent at a 90 degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. In order to achieve this measure the length of your lower leg from the back of your knee to the bottom of your heel. If your toilet is lower than this try buying the raised toilet seat which will make up the difference.

What if the toilet is the correct height and I still have problems?

You could try a toilet frame around the toilet. This provides “arms” on both sides of the toilet to help you to push up from. The toilet frames available from this site are free standing and, as such, will tip if they are only pushed upon one side. If you are unable to use both hands then this equipment is not suitable for you. Some frames come with an integral toilet seat which is fixed to them rather than the toilet.

Can grab rails help?

Provided there is a solid wall to fix them to then a strategically place grab rail may be all that is required. The “drop down” rails can be fitted to the wall behind the toilet provided there is sufficient space and the wall is strong enough.

What if my problem is that I cannot get to a toilet?

If you are unable to access a toilet, even if for only part of the day or night, a commode or urinal may be the answer. HAD can provide these but not, alas, someone to empty them. The commodes vary in design and some are height adjustable but others are not. The height of a commode should be measured in the same way as a toilet. Urinals are available in male and female designs.

If you are having difficulty with using the toilet a home assessment may be available through your local authority Health and Community Services team. It is normally possible to refer yourself for this service.


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