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Shower Equipment at HAD

If you already have a shower but are having difficulty using it then some of the shower equipment available from HAD may assist you! Here are some things you might like to consider;

What is the problem?

There are several possible reasons why using a shower may have become difficult. It is often a combination of factors involving reduced abilities and the design of the shower. Sometimes nothing can be done short of a major refit but often a simple piece of equipment is all that is needed. The following common examples may help you to decide what to try.

I do not feel safe stepping into the bath to use my over bath shower.

In this case, a simple grab rail (if the wall is solid enough) or bath step may help. You could also try using a shower board across the bath to sit on before lifting your legs into the bath. This can also give you somewhere to sit while having the shower and to dry yourself on. Please make sure you buy the correct length and fit it safely and securely.

I feel unsafe getting in and out of my walk in shower and standing when showering.

Many shower trays and cubicles have a step which needs negotiating to use them. It may be possible to fit a grab rail to support you when you are doing this or standing in the shower. It is not always possible to fit them and shower screens or doors often get in the way. Please make sure any walls are solid.

I get tired when showering and need somewhere to sit.

HAD can supply shower stools and seats. Wall fixed folding seats are the most secure (if the wall is strong enough) and some have arms to assist transfers. Often a free-standing stool is sufficient but this can be knocked over. Whichever you choose please make sure your shower is big enough to accommodate you and it!

I have a plaster cast and cannot shower because it could get wet

HAD supplies a range of cast protectors. Whichever you need, please make sure it fits tightly and doesn’t leak!

What grab rails should I choose in a bathroom, toilet or shower?

HAD recommends, in the interest of safety, that plastic rails should be used. Drop down rails are plastic coated and can also be used.


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