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Personal Equipment at HAD

Under the heading "Personal equipment" we have included a selection of items predominantly designed to help with dressing. Pain and stiffness caused by conditions such as arthritis can make this difficult and in need of equipment or help.

We at HAD believe it is better to maintain your independence as long as possible so that you can dress when you want without having to call upon loved ones or carers for help. The equipment in this selection can help as follows;

Assist to put shoes on.

Include a shoe horn and elasticated shoe laces.

Assist to manage clothing and fastenings.

Include zip pulls, button hooks and dressing sticks.

Assist with socks, tights and stockings

How about trying soft top socks with sock gutters? Dressing sticks or reachers can help to take socks off again.

Assist with cutting toe nails

A common problem with which our long handled toe nail scissors may help.

Assist with "reaching"

Try our reachers (aka “helping hands”) to pick up inaccessible objects. Please be aware, heavy items are very difficult to lift with these and they are much more useful for letters, socks, underwear etc).

Assist with lifting legs onto a bed.

Our leg lifters are very simple and look like a dog lead for an invisible dog! To use them put your foot into the loop and then use your arm strength to help you to lift your leg.


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