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Health Equipment at HAD

HAD can supply a small range of equipment designed to help people to maintain good health. Most of this involves managing medication but it also includes a Pedal Exerciser and a Circulation Booster. The main features are as follows:

Tablet Punchers and Tablet splitters

Tablet punchers are designed to help remove tablets from their foil covered strips. Tablet splitters help to cut large tablets into half. Some medication should not be split. Please check with your Doctor or Pharmacist if in doubt.

Tablet reminders

These can be set to sound an alarm at regular intervals when medication is due. They are battery operated (not included). They are not recommended for users with any form of confusion or dementia unless closely supervised by their carers.

Pill boxes

These come in a variety of sizes but are all designed to help to manage your medication regime. Please consider how often and how much medication you need to take before deciding which will suit you. Not all medication is suitable to be stored in pill boxes. If in doubt please check with your pharmacist.

Pedal Exerciser

This is a manually operated device used when sitting. It aims to help maintain a full range of movement in your leg joints and to help your circulation. We advise that you check with your Doctor before engaging in any physical exercise programme.

Circulation Booster

This works by stimulating the muscles in your leg by using a mild electrical impulse. This in turn helps you muscles to pump the blood through your legs. It can also be used as a T.E.N.S. machine.

Please note that the circulation booster is not recommended for those fitted with a pacemaker, pregnant women or those currently suffering from deep vein thrombosis. There are also other specific areas of the body and situationswhere it is not recommended. Please call HAD for further advice and always read the manufacturers’ instructions.


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