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Elbow Crutches at HAD

HAD supplies only elbow crutches. We do not have any axilla (underarm) crutches.

In general, people who need crutches find that they are standard issue from their hospital or physiotherapist. However, they are not always available and sometimes it is necessary to purchase them. However, as with any mobility equipment, please make sure that they are suitable for the user.

Things to consider when choosing crutches:

Is the user within the weight limit for the crutches?

Has the user had any instruction in using crutches?

Are they totally non-weight bearing on their bad leg or only partially so?

Has the user sufficient upper body strength to user them? Crutches are not easy to use and do require a lot of strength. It can be very tiring to use them and can place a lot of stress on the joints in the hand, elbows and shoulders so it will have an impact on any problems existing in these (e.g arthritis).

Does the user have any balance or coordination difficulties? If so, seek further advice from a suitable source before purchasing!

Can the crutches be adjusted to suit the height of the user?

Some simple guidelines to using crutches can be found on the Disabled Living Foundation factsheet "Choosing walking equipment".


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