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Cushions at HAD

HAD can provide you with a wide range of cushions. Please consider the following when choosing the right one for you;

Why do I need a cushion?

If you already have pressure sores or are at high risk of developing them please obtain professional advice. This is often available from your district nurse who may also be able to provide a suitable cushion free of charge. The cushions provided by HAD, whilst having some preventative properties, are designed more for comfort than high grade pressure relief.

What cushion is right for me?

In general, the thicker the foam the more comfortable they are. If you have particular discomfort in on area, e.g. your coccyx or “bony parts” a cushion with an appropriate "cut out" might help. Please remember, if you take pressure from one area it will be redistributed to another and the discomfort may "spread". If you are worried about this try a standard cushion first.

Can I use a ring cushion?

Many people ask for a ring cushion in the belief that this will solve their problems. In some cases they do work where temporary relief from a particular problem is sought (e.g. a prolapse). However, they distribute the pressure to a very narrow area and so can become very uncomfortable or even cause pressure sores if used for long periods. An alternative may be on of the “polo” cut out cushions.

What is a wedge cushion for?

Wedge cushions can be used to alter the seat angle which in some instances can help to alleviate lower back pain. They can also help to fill a sagging seat and help transfers.

Can a cushion help me into and out of my chair?

Cushions do raise your sitting height and so can make it easier to stand. However, they also have the effect of lowering the seat arm height and thereby reduce the sitting support.


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