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Continence Products at HAD

Having difficulties with continence can be one of the most distressing aspects of disability. Many people find it embarrassing to talk about, even to their doctor! We at HAD believe that discussing the problem with an appropriate professional is an important start to addressing the problem. After all, there may be medication or other treatment to help! If there is not, then the local NHS continence service may be able to help provide continence pads.

Unfortunately, they do not always supply enough pads or the type you prefer. HAD can supply a comprehensive range to meet most needs. Some will fit inside normal underwear, some inside special underwear and some instead of standard clothing. Some are washable and some disposable. There are some pads or mats which go on the bed or chair rather than on the person themselves.

We can also supply gloves and wet/dry wipes to assist carers.

If you are unsure what type will best suit you please telephone HAD for advice.


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